You can find your waste collection service days by clicking here Enter your address and follow the prompts to find out the day and week of your collection service. The management of waste also includes disposal, such as landfilling. Council also provides a public place waste and recycling service. There is a lot of paperwork that goes into large- e… Read More

It only takes five minutes to make this easy banana smoothie recipe. This three ingredient banana smoothie can be enjoyed as a snack or even post-dinner treat too- I'd recommend cutting back on the bananas and the nut butter, as it would be a little too filling. I prefer to add frozen berries because it makes the smoothies thick and cold, withou… Read More

As the holistic plant movement continues to gain traction around the world the Avante Institute Bahamas Detox Treatment Facility is becoming a well-respected provider for treating addictions to drugs and alcohol. At The Holistic Sanctuary you feel so much healing in your body that destroying your life mind, and soul with drugs is not an option any… Read More

This particular clip is dedicated to our favorite things to do about Tucson Arizona. You can uncover a lot more information about all the spots we filmed in the description below the video. The preferred spots of ours around town include:The Dive Shop [0:37 & 1:32] If you want to meet amazing adventurous Tucsonans, we suggest you start right here. … Read More